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13th July 2024
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Servo Drive Technology precise, robust, economical and easy to configure.
Digital AC-Servomplifiers of the type EasyFDS 400/800 are available in various performance classes with phase current between 5 A and 300 A. The housing is compact and made of massive steel plate. An internal EMC compilant filter, brake-chopper, 8 digital iputs and 4 digital outputs are standard. Security function "Secure Stopp" is included. Secure axle up to level 4 is optional.
The Easy FDS 400 is a single phase 230V supplied amplifier in the 5A to 10A class, the EasyFDS 800 is a three phase 400V/ AC supplied amplifier 10A and more. The encoderemulation is programmable from 128 to 65536 impulses/revolution. The resolu-tion of the Resolver feedback is adjustable to 12- 14- or 16 bit. Resolver with 2-, 4- oder 6- poles can be used. The pulse width modulated digital amplifier has an 3 phase otuput stage.
Measures: Height: 225 mm, Width: 70 mm, Depth: 155 mm
It is optimal to drive brushless servomotors with resolver. Autophasing, autotuning and auto zero offset makes it to do the setup even if the motor is alraedy conneted to the mechanical load.
AC servomotors of the EBL series are permanent magnet, electronically commutated synchronous servomotors, designed for applikatios with high reqirements to dynamik and precision of positioning.
On the circumference of the rotor of the 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- up to 24-pole motors, Neodympermanentmagnets are placed. The stator has a three phase star connection winding. The electrical commutation, current regulation (sinusodial current) and supervising is done by the Resolver, in a fast Transistorinverter.
Any of the phases is protected against overtemperature by a thermal sensor. The consistant supply of motors can be deliverd with stall torque moments between 0,2 Nm and 30 Nm, protection class IP65 and speed between 2000 rpm and 4000 rpm. The Resolver ist ein measurment system, which supervises the angle of the rotor continously. Physically it is a combination of a rotating electrical machine and a transformator.
It supplies three important informations for the motorcontrol: The sinusodial rating of the phase current, actual value of speed and actual value for closed loop lag control via encoder emulation of the servodrive. Every motor can be delivered with integratred fail safe brake, which is equipped with permanent magnets and 24 V DC electromagnetic release. Gearboxes of various suppliers can be connected simply due to the standardized flange of the servomotors.

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