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13th July 2024
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The reasonable solution
The MINI POS Serie M-11/88 gives You the opportunity of an economic automation of nearly any kind of machine. The reqirements of our customers and our long expirience in solving various automation problems have been incorporated in the development of this positioning control. The compact structure using the approved technologie of all our other controls, guarantees a reliable operation and low effort in initial setup. A sophisticated concept and plaintext advises on the illuminated 2*20 letter LCDisplay allow an easy programming according to DIN 66025 with flexible subroutine technology.
You have to choose the number of axles to operate and decide to use AC-Servo- or Stepper-motors. The control is ready made for using both systems in mixmode too. So You choose the optimal drive for each axle of Your machine using the MINI POS. Certainly we advise you gladly in dimensioning of Your drive. Rotary table or linear axle is configurable in the machine data as well as an automatically handshake to a supervising control. Depending up on intended purpose You can selcet between the rackmount- and the cartrigehousing to combine the MINI POS with control units which are already in use in Your machine.
Further we offer a complete unit built in a 19" housing con­sisting of MINI POS, servoamplifier and AC-servomotor. As K-version there is a enhanced MINI POS available. For path control movements in this version of the MINI POS, four circle functions are included in the instruction set.

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