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15th June 2024
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Lika Electronic has successfully developed The export trend allows to Lika to sell its products all over the world. Presently approximately 50% of the production volume is exported to foreign countries.
During these years Lika has developed strong know-how in:

· Digital and analog electronic design;
· Mechanical design;
· Optical design;
· Software development.

Continuous research and innovation are part of the daily activities. Lika often works in conjunction with the most prestigious Italian Universities and accredited Institutes, establishing permanent and productive relationships. In cooperation with the CISAS(Interdepartmental Centre of Space Studies and Activities) of Padua, Lika is involved in the worldwide space project, the Rosetta-ESA mission.

A particular model of incremental encoder has been developed by Lika and employed in the mechanism of the WAC and NAC telescopes forming the OSIRIS payload in the Rosetta-ESA mission. The Rosetta-ESA mission, started on March 2nd 2004 with the launch of Ariane 5 and will last twelve years. During this period, the rocket will travel 450 million kilometers. Rosetta has the scope to reveal some secrets of the solar system and to study the origins of earth and the universe.
Typical application fields of Lika products are:

· Woodworking machinery
· Marble & stone machinery
. Textile machinery
. Lift and elevator industry
· Printing & Packaging machines
· CNC & Conventional machine tools

Lika has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997

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