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15th June 2024
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  C88 / Comfort
  Engelhardt CNC Series C
The comfortable solution for economic automation
Continuous path control of between two and eight servo or stepper motor axes (or for mixed operation), which can simultaneously be controlled through an interpolation procedure. The standard software includes linear, circular, and helical interpolation as well as programming according to DIN 66025 with convenient menu and flexible subroutine technology. Integrated parameter programming is available to you for the calculation of geometrically complex paths.
There are also screen graphics with freely selectable zoom factors for CP control in complete or singleblock operation. In addition to the standard equipment also included are fixed and user-programmable processing cycles, tool admin­istration and compensation, plausibility checks on value entries and feed rates, plain text entries for the configuration of customer-specific texts / error messages / graphics and many other things.
• Interpolator cycle time 2 msec, position controller cycle time 200 µsec, high path and positioning accuracy
• Servo systems (PID values) are simple to optimize with the aid of a contour monitor which displays the set value and the following error (the difference between set and actual values) graphically on the screen
• Tachomat software prevents dynamic overloading of the mechanics by automatically reducing the feed speed
• The plain texts for instructions and value entries are freely programmable
• Precontrol of speed to minimize lag distance
• Up to 64 inputs and outputs can be controlled in the CNC program
• Setting and resetting the outputs without stopping the axes
• Fully-automatic tool radius and length correction
• Speed-dependent analogue output 0-10V DC(optional)
• Speed-dependent pulse output max. 200Hz(optional)
• Continuous travel with all types of drive
• 2*V24 Interface
• For data security and remote control
• For the transfer of CAD/CAM data
• For connection to an external manual control unit
• For the connection of an external USB Interface
• connectors for external rotary position transducer or glass measuring scale
•connector for a joystick

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