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15th June 2024
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  Engelhardt CNC Series F / D / S
The universal multiprocessor-path control for milling/ turning/ grinding
The constantly improved controller generation D-22 / F-33 completes the product range of Engelhardt in the low cost area. Small sized, comfortable, cost effective have been the duties, which according to the manufacturer have been realized by consistent miniaturizing and high integration of components. The complete CNC Controller is built into a 19" industrial housing with 6 units height and only 100mm depth.
It is suitable either for assembling new machines or for retrofitting of older machines. The ergonomic keyboard and the LCD-display with the protection type IP54 is designed for the rough area in the fabric hall.
An electronic hand wheel with variable hand wheel factor and an override potentiometer for the variation of the program­med feed rate are built into the front panel. The user can choose different software versions for turning, milling and grinding.
Each software version includes linear and circular inter­polation, tool management and compensation, parametrical functions, graphic, controlling of the main spindle in speed and direction a.s.o. 16 inputs and 16 outputs as well as two serial interfaces are standard. The connectors for VGA monitor and keyboard are on the rear of the CNC too. The CNC can be separated up to 10m from the operation panel. Depending on the application, the controllers are completed with cycles for contour turning, pocket milling a.s.o.
The program language is according to DIN 66025 (G codes and M functions) and supported by graphic symbols. The multiprocessor design realizes a positioning control cycle-time of 200 µsec, which guarantees exact positioning and precise contouring.
Two, three and four axes versions available for controlling step motor systems or servo systems.
D-22, D-33 for CNC turning machines.
F-22, F-33, F-44 for CNC milling machines.
S-22, S-44 for CNC grinding machines.

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