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15th June 2024
  C88 / Comfort
  Compact /Path Control 
   Minipos / Cost-Effectiveness
   PCCNC / Fexibility
  Motors / Motion Control
  Equipment / Accessory Devices
 Equipment / Accessory Devices
  Engelhardt Accessory for the series C / F / D / S
 Ancillary equipment and control element
Remote control of any opration mode just like on the CNC keyboard. Each axe can be choosen by a key seperately. The LC - Display showes, according to choosen operaion mode, actual values, program data, parameters, a.s.o. The F override can be operated by a built in potentiometer Any axe can be moved by a built in mini-handwheel.
Analogue Joy stick for movement of three axis continously (simultanously also) to the choosen direction. Active in Handmode of the CNC. Cable length of 6m.
Build in a aluminium housing (91,5 x 43,5 x 85) ready for panel mount. Power on switch, 1LED stick active, 2 LED communication / ready. 1x USB connector 1x 9 pol. SubD V24 interface. Delivery icludes 1 USB Stick and V24 cable. Backup of CNC data to commercially available USB sticks. Read / write possible in any PC. Approved up to 4 GB actually.

Connection to the CNC via V24 interface up to 19200 Bd. Baudrate adjustment automatically. Operation via the Menu EXTERNAL DATA of the CNC. File browsing over sub­directories on the stick, too. Filenames limited to 8 letters.
Interface board which can plugged in the 19" rack of the CNC. 1xRJ45 Netzwork 1x 9pol. SubD V24 Interface Delivery icludes iterfaceboard and V24 cable, software Dienst2net.

Two operation modes are possible:
1-As FTP Client: Datantransfer via FTP from a network drive. In the network there has to be a FTP Server installed and running.
2-Data transfer managed by the programm Dienst2Net which was developed in our company. The program transfers data from /to the CNC via network or V24 interface.
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