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13th July 2024

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Multifunction display for absolute encoders SSI input for any protocol, from 8 to 32 bits Wide range power supply +24Vdc, 115/230Vac Configurable outputs, digital, analogue or RS232/485 LD250: SSI display LD251: SSI display with analogue output LD252: SSI display with digital I/O LD253: SSI display with serial interface

Additional information
Display: LED 6 digits
Display mode: Linear/angular, bit blanking, linearization of analogue output, scaling factor, round loop function, switching mode of digital outputs
Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 141 mm
Input: 3 digital inputs (PNP, NPN o Namur)
Counting frequency: 100 kHz - 1 MHz
Power supply: 24 Vdc ± 20%, 115/230 Vac
Interface: RS232 / RS485 (LD253)
Outputs LD251: analogue 0/4-20 mA, 0± 10V;
LD252: digital PNP 2 x 35V - 150 mA
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